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4/10/10 06:56 pm - Triumphal return

So it turns out if you let a project languish for a couple of years, someone might do it for you:


Anyone had a chance to take a look at this translation?

In the meantime, I finally have time to come back and work on this wonderful project. If any of you are still subscribed, I'll try to start posting regularly again starting this week. Thanks for sticking around!

12/25/07 04:39 pm - Chapter 8 up for comments

Merry non-Russian Christmas, everyone! I've put up a draft of Chapter 8 for comments and correction, please have at it.

12/18/07 12:04 am - диктовые листи

In chapter 11 we have:

Последний год геркулесовцы, отбросив всякую мысль о скучных бревнах, диктовых листах, экспортных кедрах и прочих неинтересных вещах

What are диктовые листи? Wood panels of some kind?

12/16/07 12:33 pm

т. Справченко в заготовке древесной коры понадеялся на самотек, чем эти заготовки и провалил..

Is the meaning here that Comrade Spravchenko was negligent? i.e. counting on the fact that the wood bark would collect itself?

12/16/07 12:14 pm - саженные стекла

At the very end of Chapter X, we have "Солнце прыгало по саженным стеклам вертящейся двери". What is the meaning of саженные here?

10/24/06 08:14 pm - работник центра

Anyone have a good suggestion for how to translate работник центра? The phrase occurs in chapter 8:

Товарищ Поцелуев -- известный работник центра, наш горожанин. Теперь из Москвы в отпуск приехал.

10/24/06 07:30 pm - начальник угрозыска

"Пусть в лиловой машине разъезжает начальник угрозыска"

What is the approximate equivalent here? Police detective? Chief investigator? District attorney?

10/24/06 11:23 am - день жаворонка

From chapter 8:

Не бежать же в исполком и просить там красок на проведение "Дня жаворонка"?

As best I can tell, this refers to a traditional spring holiday for greeting the arrival of migrating birds. Does anyone have more info, or suggestions for how to convey it?

10/24/06 11:09 am - художник-пушкарь

What is the meaning of пушкарь in this excerpt from chapter 8?

Товарища Плотского мы не видели, но если указанный
товарищ вас действительно интересует, то поспешите. Его ищет
какой-то трудящийся, по виду художник-пушкарь.

Is it someone who fires cannons, or someone who makes them?

10/24/06 02:39 am - Взвейтесь, соколы, орлами, полно горе горевать!

The lyrics are easy to find, and I know is that it's a tsarist soldiers' song, but can anyone shed further light on its provenance?

As a bonus question, I don't fully understand what is going on grammatically in "Взвейтесь, соколы, орлами". "Fly up, falcons, as eagles do?"

I apologize in advance for some simplistic questions like these, but I'm stranded for the moment in Beijing with only online materials to work with...
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